Adam and Sarah’s Wedding Page!


Okay, so this one is a little bit of old news (as of this post date). I built this web page to be informational for people who were invited to the wedding. I certainly wasn’t going to take some default site from someone else! In any case, this was one of my first tests making a single-page, parallax scrolling website. It’s a very different process and, as I have been learning, can be somewhat resource-intensive. Primarily the parallax scrolling bit. I’m planning on working in a more efficient parallax scroll effect later. (Before the purists and haters come down on me, I know there is an argument against the scrolling background effect I am using being called “parallax”… I understand the concept [and that I am missing a middle-ground object to complete the parallax effect]).

In any case, this website is using jQuery Countdown and has been counting up since the wedding (obviously it was counting down to the wedding date … well, before the wedding). Also of note: the “time cube”! For old-fart browsers, it is just a simple next/prev slide show that one can click through. For awesome browsers supporting CSS3 3d-transforms, it is an interactive cube telling about our most significant moments together leading up to the proposal. It’s one of my favorite things that I’ve built 🙂 The prototype of the cube can be viewed on Codepen in my pen, Another CSS Cube (thrilling title, right?).

I hope you enjoy the website!

(one last note for now… the url used to be [get it? .US …. get it???], but I let the domain expire since it isn’t really… “in-use” anymore)

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