Faulty Authors with Perfect Writings


The human authors/scribes of the Bible were humans. They were flawed and had fault. They were all subject to error, but this should not cause us to doubt God’s word and believe it to be subject to error.

“Everything has a season…” – Ecc. 3:1

Every human in history (Jesus being the exception) has a cycle of peaks and valleys; triumphs and failures; high points and low points; “seasons” in life, if you will. These “seasons” are in reference to an individual’s quality of spiritual walk with God. The human authors of the Bible were no different. It is easy to find fault with the authors. Often times the faults are recorded in the stories! (Abraham sleeping with Hagar [Gen. 16:1-5], Jonah running from God [Jon. 1:1-3], Peter denying Jesus 3x [Mat. 26:33-35Mar 14:29-31Luk 22:33-34Joh 13:36-38], etc…)

It is my belief that when these writers were at their peak, tip-top, best state of spirituality, they were spoken to by God.

It is my belief that when these writers were at their peak, tip-top, best state of spirituality, they were spoken to by God. The words we have, God’s words, written down and collected over the coarse of thousands of years, are words of faulty men at their absolute best and purest inspiration. Our faulty human authors had shining moments of obedience and discernment.

God’s word, the Bible, the amazing love-letter anthology, is not subject to the same error as that of the writings of Plato, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius, Confucius, or any other great authors of time. Underlying within the Biblical texts are messages that transcend the authors’ contemporary knowledge. The human writers could have no way of knowing how history would unfold, how true some of their statements were, or how meaningful the words would be. Only One who is above the whole scene and can see much farther than our limited human minds can see would be able to provide us with such rich messages.

Apology for Perfect Biblical Inspiration

This is one of my greatest reasons for trusting the texts and their validity. Simple reasoning, some understanding of the nature of humans, and some perfect timing from above; this is how I better understand and trust God’s word and message. After all, God knew He had to work with flawed humans to get the message across. Wouldn’t you speak to them while they were at their best so as to preserve the quality of your message? This is not unlike if you had an important phone call, you would want the signal to be at its best so the message ins’t distorted or lost. God spoke to these authors/scribes when they were at their best so the message would not be distorted or lost.

Trust that God knows what He is doing. He can “see” much farther ahead the line than we can.

God bless you and keep you, reader.