Current Projects


Well, as per usual, I have a bevy of projects in the queue. My deadlines are coming up in the next month or so, so it will be a busy couple of weeks to get everything together. Those are the most immediately pressing, at least. Let’s cover what is coming up, shall we?


I am working with the wonderful people of the Great Lakes Planetarium Association to get some work done on their website. The amount extent of the project will be revealed when further progress is made, but as of now, in order to work with the system they have in place, I am going to be learning Drupal. Being a WordPress advocate, this will be a shifting of gears for me, but that is okay. The more tools in my toolbelt, the more useful I can be.

Astronomical Clock

Also for the GLPA conference this year, which is next month in Peoria, IL, I will be presenting a project that has been of interest to me for a few years now. I am making a web-based Astronomical Clock. I haven’t seen any web-based versions, and so hopefully this will meet -some- need in being able to educate people about astronomical clocks. I will only get to build a basic clock as of the conference, but am looking forward to the feedback that the educators and planetarians will provide (as I trust they will). It promises to be an interesting project and I will post more information on this when the clock is finished.

d3 & Raphael

I have been using the jQuery library for most of my web career so far. In the last year, I have learned a substantial amount and gotten much more familiar with Javascript too. Now as I build my skills, I look to other libraries and their capabilities. The d3 library and Raphael are two such compilations that I am currently focusing on. d3 is an excellent library for visualizing data information. I am very interested in its potential in making interactive graphs, charts, graphics, etc… More on this when I learn more 🙂

Raphael is acting very similarly to the Javascript API for handling <canvas> elements, only Raphael handles <svg> elements instead. I am very fascinated with <svg> element and want to become more familiar with it so that I can utilize it in more design and application projects. So many exciting things on the horizon with HTML5!

Wedding Website

I am getting married!! The date is for May 2, 2014. In the wake of this joyous event, so much planning is required. One of the points of planning is an information website that others can go to for… well… information. This will act as a great platform for me further practicing mobile-first responsive web design and improving on performance for mobile devices. It will also let me play with some fun little projects that will be used on the site 🙂 More about that later too.

Of course, this poor website will be under-going all sorts of testing as I continue building my skills. Mobile-first RWD will certainly be one of those practice experiments. It is already responsive, but to make it mobile-first will require me to modify my thinking and approach to web development. In addition to that, I need to be more disciplined on posting in the Believer and Thinker sections. I actually have many drafts saved for each section, but need to review and refine the postings. Such is the busy life.

Wrap Up

So that’s what is in the queue for now. Always more projects to work on than time to work on them. It is going to require a disciplined schedule to accomplish everything. Only the GLPA and Astro Clock have immediate time-sensitive deadlines, but the wedding will be here sooner than I think. Woot for never being “bored”!