Envelope Contact Form v.2


Occasionally, work can serve me with great projects more than I serve it. Those are good days 🙂 For this interactive project, it was my responsibility to create something different for the company. My employer during this project likes placing lots of emphasis on the page’s contact forms, and he was trying to brand it somehow. Instead of making a design for the contact form, which would reasonably change from design to design, I suggested these contact forms be based on interactivity rather than design. Going with the idea of sending letters, the envelope seemed a natural choice.

As always, initial development started in Codepen and can be viewed with the link at the bottom. I love making things interactive, and this one had some extra challenges. It isn’t perfect, but it is my favorite Interactive Contact Form so far (that I’ve made….). To the future!

Built using CSS3 and jQuery. The CSS3 animation practice was very valuable and a fun reminder of how much I love animation!

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