It is ironic that my favorite book, really an anthology, would end with the same title that my first Believer post dawns: Revelation. Originally, this website was meant to serve multiple purposes, and act as a sort of outlet for my different chosen focuses. Tonight’s Last Saturday night’s experiences have led me to believe (no pun intended) that this section, the Believer section, really has the greatest importance.

I’ve been given a set of tools by my Father. We all have, really. Everyone is specially equipped to be able to do something that plays towards an end-goal. Not everyone embraces their gifts, and even less actually try to figure out what these tools are. I have been spending the last couple of years asking the question, “What am I suppose to do with whatever tools I have been given?” Even though I do not really have the most definitive answer, I certainly am aware now of where to start. I imagine that when I am on the other side of death, looking back through life, it will seem so obvious. Much like looking at a winding road you traveled up to get to the scenic mountain-view, you see your route with new perspective and understand it much more clearly.

What’s Your Point, Adam?

Good question. It is was about midnight on Friday (almost Saturday), 6/8/2013. I came across a string of information that grabbed my attention. It is not unreasonable to ask if maybe my mindset at the time had influenced the thought and nothing more, but this whole section of my website is not about chalking things up to random coincidences (a theme you will notice frequently, I hope). In a sweeping couple of moments, a few things became clear.

  • I have a special set of tools (that I have built this site around)
  • I need to start using my most important tool more wisely to accomplish one of my main goals
  • I am running out of time

Apologies for remaining cryptic. I’m talking about “the meaning of life”. I believe there are many meanings to life: one is to love and serve our Creator with all that is in us; another is to love and serve each other freely, and to spread an unending love to one another. I believe there are also personal missions in life. Some are great, many are small and seemingly insignificant, but serve great purposes in the end, whether we realize it or not. We have jobs to do in this life, and not many really even tap into those jobs.

I am going to start now. God’s told me that the events of the last couple of months have been planned long ago. He has told me that I am to prepare myself, and hopefully others, for some significant life events in the relatively near future. He has stricken me so deeply, that I have been moved to tears at the thought of it all. I know it is an important revelation because of the onslaught of fear-inducing attacks that I experienced. Sounds kind of crazy right? I understand that reaction. How often does this happen “in the real world”?

Wrapping Things Up

I am going to start working through my list of topics that I have been accumulating over the months (or longer). We are going to talk about topics like Bible Study or Apologetics (providing reason for why something is believed or done). I am going to share some thoughts on other topics, and sometimes there won’t be defined answers (listed like this post in the Musings section). Time to get to work.

The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. – Matthew 9:37