Lame I.E. Bug


“What’s that?” you say, “.. A lame bug in Internet Explorer? Blasphemy!” Yes, I know, it seems a crime to claim that Internet Explorer has an annoying bug. What can a developer do? *seething sarcasm*

I noticed that a page that I was working on debugging in IE8 was not loading my Javascript. How strange, right?! Well the good ole’ error report showed me this (do note that this is solid IE8, not IE9 or 10’s view of IE8).

IE8 Error Message

Yes, that is correct. IE8 does not recognize the console command in Javascript, so if you are using it and check things out in IE8 OR if you are live and want IE8 users to see what your fancy Javascript is doing, comment out those console.logs!

For a bit more information on the console object, check out this Mozilla page or this posting by WeAreGurus.