Hebrew Flashcards and Career Epiphanies


Project Updates

As previously promised, this section will also cover projects that are in the queue. Time to keep that promise!

Hebrew Flashcards

I am currently working on learning Biblical Hebrew. I am studying what I can in learning the different varieties of Hebrew, but the Hebrew of the Jewish Bible and Christian Old Testament is the main focus. I’ve been working through the alphabet, and have decided that I want some flashcards to assist in the learning process. What better way to make flashcards than to also practice some other craft! I am going to build the flashcards as an interactive, web-based application. It will probably be sitting on my account at Codepen when it is finished, but I will update this post when it is actually up and running. How fun to have my interests and studies overlap like that! The working version can be viewed here (or previewed here at its Maker post).

Career Epiphanies

I have always wanted to love my work. I have had crap jobs (who hasn’t) and never want to have that kind of feeling at work. I especially don’t want that sensation everyday for years in the future. SO! What is a fellow like myself to do? “Well Adam, I would say you should find what you love doing and figure out how to make it a career.” WOO! Great idea, I will have to work on that.

In fact, I have been. I do really enjoy web development. I enjoy digital media in general, really. I have decided that the next route may have to be involving web and interactive work for an individual company, rather than just pumping out new websites all the time. I am hoping that by working for a non-web-development company and doing their web work and/or interactive work, I can keep things diverse enough to remain in-love with my career. I sincerely do not want a j-o-b… I want a place that I can dig into, set some roots, and help grow. This obviously implies that I need to get behind whatever the company is doing and believe in their mission. This has not really been the case so far. Not because I have not been trying, but because I have not really agreed with the mission of some of the places that I have worked with. That is tough… to want to invest myself into the company, but not believe in the purpose, the Why, behind the company.

Never fear! I am confident that wonderful job and group-o-people are out there somewhere. The timing has not worked out yet to land me in that awesome place yet, but I am sure that it will exactly when it needs to. Things become kind of bleak when I don’t believe that….

More updates on the Hebrew Flashcards later, as they become available. Happy making, everyone 🙂

Update: 6/23/13 – Hebrew Flashcards are finished and can be viewed here: