It Takes The Cake


It Takes the Cake is a small business run out of Wapakoneta, OH, which is just south of Lima, OH in the midwest region of the state. Run and owned by Tonya Bukowski, the website showcases a plethora of her cake selections and projects. Easily over a hundred cakes, she has copious experience making cakes for graduations, retirements, weddings, birthdays, and more. This website project was a much-needed upgrade from the old school table-layout, static website to a dynamic, clean WordPress website.

The Photo Gallery was an interesting challenge for me. I have done many photo galleries before, but I tried to manage the great wealth of image posts using jQuery’s Ajax method. Ajax is such a powerful tool, allowing visitors to load new content without having to reload the page. It is a great tool for enhancing a user’s experience. Tonya’s intense volume of cake photos added a challenge of displaying the cakes conveniently without cluttering the display. I wanted to make sure the user could control as much as possible (or as reasonable) without overwhelming themselves. I am mostly pleased with the results.

Another challenging section that came after launch-time as an update was Tonya’s schedule. Already booked a year or two in advance, Tonya and her visitors needed the ability to fast-forward to any month of any year with just a few clicks. Utilizing Google Calendar’s embed functionality and some Javascript trickery, visitors of It Takes the Cake can now travel to any month within the next 5 years and prepare for their big day.

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