Incognito 1


The Incognito project was the first project that I worked on in my Figure Painting class at BGSU. The objective was to focus on some part of the human body, but to stay away from certain identifiers (specifically the eyes). Anonymity is a curious thing, and I was surprised to discover how effective things like the eyes, the top of the head (with the eyes), or a general, bodily silhouette can identify a person. My specific choice was intended to utilize another common part of the face, but to do it with a much different format. After working on so many projects at 18″x24″ or some other 3×4 ratio, I decided to use a much less conventional format. This painting is 6’x2.5′.

The tall, thin dimensions offered a much different painting experience than normal. I liked it very much and will likely revisit the concept in the future. It also plays with an interesting category of art that I find fascinating: bodyscapes. I would recommend doing a Google search of it. You can find some very interesting paintings, drawings, photographs, etc… Be warned though: the searches can bring up some inappropriate content, depending on your point of view. Google with caution.