Facing Titans


Another Figure Painting class project, and the final one of the semester if I remember correctly, this project was geared towards pushing scale and hierarchy, while sort of emulating strongĀ chiaroscuro. Inspired by games like God of War and Shadow of the Colossus, I loved the idea of a puny little person taking on a titanic foe, not unlike the story of Jack and the Bean-stock.

Some Personal Insight

We all face enormous challenges in life. Some seem overwhelming, but with willpower and perseverance, an individual can overcome outstanding challenges. The sword in the small man’s hands is not suppose to be a lightsaber, but many have asked or commented on it. I suppose that was my failing as a painter, as it was the thing I was trying to avoid. The sword is representative of a special Sword of Light, which is symbolic of the word of God. It is referenced as being “a light unto my feet, and a lamp unto my path” as well as being “sharper than any two-edged sword“. Additionally, it is no co-incidence that the impending threat that the little person is going up against is my face. We are often times our own worst enemies and get in the way of our own success. My great struggle in life is to not allow myself to get in my own way more times than is necessary for my learning.

I would like to revisit this concept in future projects, time permitting. Extreme perspective, scale, value, and contrast are always great things to work with, and inspire me greatly.