Attorney Web Solutions


Attorney Web Solutions is the development department of LawyerFind Network of Findlay, OH. I have been working with LawyerFind Network (primarily with under the Attorney Web Solutions umbrella) for about 8 months now. My time with them has taught me many valuable lessons and given me a lot of opportunities for research & development, which I also value greatly. Redeveloping and designing the website for AWS also taught me quite a bit. As I collaborated with the lead developer, we created the awesome slider on the front of the website. Where most sliders run through one slide at a time with a variety of transitions, we worked to make individual elements of the slider animate at different rates, effectively creating multiple levels of depth. Creating a slider is a challenge in and of itself, but making the slide elements move differently added an extra fun challenge. As I learn more about Javascript and jQuery, I am sure my methods will improve and I will be able to enhance the slider further for future projects.

Vanity Domain Name Generator

website_awsSlotMachineBeyond just the slider, another fun project on the AWS site was their “Vanity Domain Name Generator“. Using Illustrator and Photoshop for the graphics, and having fun with CSS3 transitions and jQuery, this fun little machine can entertain me with simple amusement, while also being a useful tool for the sales people at LawyerFind Network. I plan on working with Javascript to animate more things on future sites, and am interested in studying other people’s work, like the Spritely plugin for jQuery. It is a very fun and inspiring concept that I am interested in exploring more.

AWS Portfolio

website_awsPortfolioOne more fun project before I sign off this post: the Attorney Web Solutions Portfolio page. I have made numerous portfolios, galleries, photo selectors, etc… This one primarily allowed me to use a lot of the newest tricks in CSS3 that I have learned recently, but it also gave me a great chance to use JSON objects. I have been learning more and more about JSON, and this project was a good chance to put that knowledge into practice. Though, my understanding of PHP’s multidimensional associative arrays has already paved a lot of ground-work for JSON to be integrated into my work flow. The portfolio loads quickly since the entries are already saved in memory. The next trick, aside from getting the other categories filled, would be an intelligent system to check which pages are active, and which have been removed. No rest for the developers!

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