Done in my Watercolors class, our instructor told us to focus on birds for our subject matter. Yup, birds… it was an interesting change. We did drawing studies of stuffed birds from the Life Sciences building. Again, an interesting change.

My idea around this painting was to work on depicting movement in a still image. It can be a challenge to capture a moment of strong movement in an eternally static display. Another interest that I was playing with is the idea of balance. Many projects reaching back before high school dealt with a balance existing throughout nature. Deeper within that concept is the idea that choice exists in this balance. My studies of the concept of Tai-Chi reflect this theme. I’ve developed the opinion that choice is one of the single-greatest gifts that mankind has ever received.

Adding on to the idea of balance is the relationship between light and dark. I’m interested in studying more on the idea of the relation between the dove and properties of good, light, innocence, etc… and the raven and properties of evil, darkness, and corruption. The Judeo-Christian faith has symbolism related to the two birds, but I wonder what the rest of the world sees.